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Three months in Cape Town

I love to travel. I’ve loved to travel as long as I can remember. It’s been one of my greatest passions and something that has never failed to inspire me. My biggest motivation to start working independently over six years ago was to be –yes, you guessed it– more independent. In my fantasies I dreamed that I would be able to easily work from anywhere with just my laptop under my arm. Not to say that it isn’t possible, it just takes more than I thought it would take. The first five years of working independently were all about the hustle and I didn’t travel much at all.

Then, finally, last year I figured it was time to put this dream of mine to the test. I wanted to try to work from somewhere else entirely for a good span of time. And so I did. I picked Cape Town because a) it was on my bucket list, b) I’d heard good things about it, c) I figured it’d be easy to navigate because I speak the language and d) it’s in the same time zone as Berlin.

Turns out I couldn’t have made a better choice. I felt at home from the moment my feet touched the ground, enjoyed every second and cried my eyes out when it came to say „Auf Wiedersehen!”.

I could go on an on and on about how great an experience my time in South Africa was. To cut things short and because it seems impossible to recount such a personal experience, I decided to post a few pictures. Also, instead of giving you advice on where to go and what to see, I want to encourage you to go. Period. Discovering a new place for yourself is what traveling to me is all about.

All pics and doodles are by me.

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