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Typo Berlin 2015

International Design Talks

21–23 May 2015

This must have been my 4th Typo Conference, although I haven’t managed to go in a couple of years. I remember being completely blown away after the first one, bursting with excitement and making plans in my head on my way home. Over the years the type of talks and lectures that leave me touched and inspired has changed. I used to be more impressed by success and fame, I have to admit. And there used to be a part of me that wanted that, looking for the recipe for a definite road to success in each talk. Having more experience now I find myself more intrigued by the talks that tell a great story. I’m inspired by great people with good character. Depth counts more than flashy packaging and realizing this makes me happy.

So, my review of the conference is more of a personal reflection. But here are some of the talks and presenters that impressed me most with their charm, wit and pure brilliance:

Aaron James Draplin

This guy. Holy moly! Watch his presentation here. Do it now!

Photo by Laughing Dog Photography

Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss Miss)

It’s always great to see a strong, successful woman on stage. I’ve been going to her Creative Mornings for years but had never seen her speak. She’s wonderful and a great inspiration! Here’s a talk of hers similar to the one I saw.

Photo by Julia Robbs

Jon Burgerman

I laughed through the whole presentation. What an amazing talent with an equally great sense of humor! I found this talk by him, check it out!

Photo by Adam Krause


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